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hammerl/natter, hard


Hermann Kaufmann Architekten




Hard, Vorarlberg, Austria

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For a family of musicians in the centre of Hard, Vorarlberg, the house is genuine and straightforward in its formal language yet full of warmth and soft sound. Its dimensions and orientation were pre-determined by building on the footprint of a demolished building to save on expensive foundations. Prefabricated spruce timber elements form the entire construction. The geometry of open beam ceilings reduces disturbing flutter echoes. The organization of the living space follows the rhythm of the load-bearing wall panels in the central axis of the building, which reflect the logical pattern of the standing purlin roof. In the centre of the house is a wood burner; the above-located storage heater tank in the attic distributes comfortable warmth throughout the whole building volume.

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The Hammer-Natter project by Hermann Kaufmann Architekten is an example of New wood Open Architecture because it uses prefabricated spruce panels to involve the owner-builders in the construction process meaningfully. The prefabricated spruce panels expand upon the old foundations of the existing home. They provide support for the timber rafter structure that finalized the traditional formal expression of the dwelling. The owner-builders could participate in the construction process and gain hands-on experience with the on-site assembly process. The resulting interior space unapologetically uses wood as the primary material for expression. This dominant application brings an almost immediate feeling of warmth and comfort according to the specific needs of musicians. The Hammer-Natter project by Hermann Kaufmann Architekten exemplifies New wood Open Architecture by inviting the owners to participate in the building process using prefabricated wood panel construction, resulting in a sincere personalized dwelling.


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