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house in morrillos


Cristián Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitecto




Coquimbo, Chile

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House in Morrillos, designed by architect Cristián Izquierdo, is located near Morrillos Beach in Coquimbo, Chile. Tailored for Chile's moderate climate, the house uses natural ventilation through a facade of 72 doors, allowing inhabitants to control the interior environment. The home features a simple gridded roof with a pergola-style extension on corner terraces supported by timber beams and walls. The cross-shaped plan pivots symmetrically from a central axis. The concept offers flexible spaces for up to six people that can transform from enclosed to open, adapting to the occupant's needs.

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Utilizing the site's conditions to select materials and prioritize traditional wood joinery, House in Morrillos emphasizes human effort over advanced technology. While temporary visitors and the community might have limited involvement in the construction process, they actively engage with the house's transforming exterior during occupancy. The structure can change from a solid form to a collonaded viewing platform to varying degrees. This flexibility supports the concept of open architecture, allowing active involvement in altering circulation, openings, ventilation, and views. The entire structure, including interior and exterior finishes, is made of pinewood, highlighting a reference to the site's resources and using traditional wood assembly methods. House in Morrillos relatively demonstrates the concept of New Wood Open Architecture through its dedicated use of conventional wood construction and its inhabitants' active engagement of passive systems.

Material acquisition and preliminary analysis developed by Sabrina Goncalves


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