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cabin on the border


SO? Architecture and Ideas




Erdine, Turkey

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Cabin on the Border, designed by SO? Architecture&Ideas, responds directly to the interplay between nature and architecture. Situated in Erdine, Turkey, on the Greek-Turkish border, the cabin is built to withstand severe weather conditions, with a polycarbonate canopy for warm rainy afternoons and a plywood façade used as a terrace. The envelope can be manually folded. The cabin uses Birch for its façade and interior finishes to create a bright, expansive living space while keeping costs economical. The structure is prefabricated and assembled on-site, allowing for potential future disassembly and reuse. The exposed structural lumber clarifies and defines the construction methods in addition to a grid system that maximizes open interior space. The cabin also features sustainable, autonomous systems such as rainwater collection, photovoltaic panels, and a wooden stove, ensuring energy efficiency and adaptability to seasonal changes.

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Cabin on the Border by SO? Architecture&Ideas exemplifies New Wood Open Architecture by integrating adaptable systems and active resident involvement. The cabin employs photovoltaic panels, rainwater collection tanks, and a wooden stove to support off-grid living. At the same time, its prefabricated design and modular construction can be considered soft systems, allowing for future reuse and customization. The project offers engagement to residents through manually foldable façade and operable windows, fostering a deep connection with the environment. The playful, active involvement defines the occupant's crucial role in the cabin's functionality and sustainability. The exposed structural design enhances aesthetic appeal and facilitates easy maintenance and repairs, making the cabin adaptable to various climatic conditions and suitable for potential temporary or emergency use. Cabin on the Border demonstrates New Wood Open Architecture by using wood and wood products to create a malleable and sustainable project.

Material acquisition and preliminary analysis developed by Julia Buli-e


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