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rice pavilion


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Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Shoes on Display

This dynamic architectural design and construction are to be completed in collaboration with villagers and volunteers. It intends to be an ongoing project and jointly operate the cultural tourism content required by the village. The project is located in the rice field in front of the 190-year-old Qingshizhai gate. Above the ridge, we use prefabricated glulam to build rice pavilions. They provide a better view of Qingshizhai's landscape architecture and future villagers' production and hold the venue for cultural activities as a new social center.

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Wooden Toy Clock

The Rice Pavillion project by Wiki World is an example of New Wood Open Architecture encouraging participation throughout the assembly process using a prefabricated wood construction system. From its earliest conception, the project invited residents to participate in the on-site assembly on the pavilion meaningfully. Participation at this stage allows residents and volunteers to develop a sincere connection to one another and the built form they collaboratively built. The assembly process was strategically used to engage the surrounding community via physical participation in the project's conception. The prefabricated wood construction system was an essential factor in achieving this level of participation. The wood members and joints were carefully manufactured off-site and delivered to the final site for assembly. The size and weight of each member were thoughtfully considered, such that they didn't require heavy machinery to assemble. Instead, a small team of amateur builders could work together to lift and hold each component in place.


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