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Gutinières, France

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La Petite Maison by 2m26 is a guesthouse in Gutinières, France, designed to respond to the landscape. It serves as a bed and breakfast, offering guests a unique experience of the surrounding scenery. The structure is in an open field and requires protection from strong winds and sunlight. The architects created an outer skin with sliding doors and shutters to adapt to the weather and provide agency to the user. The shutters can be closed for indoor comfort on windy or sunny days. When the weather is pleasant, the space opens to the outdoors, allowing guests to enjoy the scenery.

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La Petite Maison enables a high level of involvement by engaging with both the client and the guests of the bed and breakfast. The architects enlisted the client to participate in the construction of the house, which adopted the simplest form of construction to allow for deconstruction. On the other hand, the spatial program is divided into four quadrants: the bedroom, living room, utility space and outdoor terrace. The guests can manipulate these areas during occupancy by using the sliding interior doors to satisfy their needs. The entirety of the project utilizes Douglas Fir, from the structure down to the furniture. Using wood as the primary material evokes a space of warmth and calmness, providing the opportunity to connect to the surrounding landscape. La Petite Maison by 2m26 embodies New Wood Open Architecture by engaging the client and the guest in a manipulable structure entirely built from wood.

Material acquisition and preliminary analysis developed by Jillian Sproul


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