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where the wild morels grow


c/o now




Schmergow, Brandenburg, Deutschland

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Where the Wild Morels Grow (WTWMG), located in Schmergow, Brandenburg, Germany, is an experimental single-family house consisting of supplemental do-it-yourself built volumes under the umbrella of a prefabricated hall. The volumetric configuration references regional typologies of prefabricated workshops similar to ones found on equestrian farms. The house-in-house-concept allows the living space to expand into the hall and courtyard during the spring and summer seasons. During the winter season, the dwelling is limited to the modular brick core house. The wood-framed hall is covered with opaque and transparent, and operable industrial components. These are, for example, metal as roofing and sandwich panels for the envelope. Two large sliding doors give entrance to the hall. The hall occupies the 200m2 zoning footprint. If fully completed, the concept would accommodate 400m2winterized space.

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Where the Wild Morels Grow (WTWMG) by c/o ntudio is an example of New Wood Open Architecture because of its prefabricated modular construction system and active participation throughout the design, construction and ongoing adaptation. The prefabricated hall is constructed using a modular wood framing system. Over time this system can expand and contract to suit the needs of the inhabitants. The primary structural grid becomes the scaffolding within which the Do-it-yourself (DIY) interior volumes can attach. The project offers the inhabitants a meaningful opportunity to participate in their home's design, construction, and maintenance. While the prefabricated roof structure was manufactured off-site, the on-site assembly process allowed the inhabitants to participate in the earliest stages of construction. From here, the interior volumes were entirely designed and built by those who would live within them. These volumes become the functional program of the dwelling, fulfilling the unique dwelling needs of the inhabitants. The prefabricated structural system carries all roof loads to the foundation, allowing for space to determine the size, location and material of the volumes by the inhabitants and not by the structural layout. WTWMG by c/o now exemplifies New Wood Open Architecture because it offers inhabitants meaningful opportunities for involvement in the dwelling process using an expandable prefab structure and self-built interior volumes.


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